We have on-staff experts with deep knowledge in life insurance underwriting and access to underwriters who understand complexities. We can help you select a carrier to fit a unique medical situation, do preliminary underwriting to shop for the best rate class, and provide multiple classifications and rates, so your client has many options.

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If you believe your client may not qualify for preferred rates, completing a Quick Quote Questionnaire can help. It’ll enable you to question your client and develop information an underwriter needs to evaluate your case. Fill out the questionnaire, contact us, and we'll quickly give you an accurate assessment of your case. No client signatures are necessary.

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Impaired Risk?

Our firm is one of the leaders in the impaired risk segmentーthe most demanding underwriting process of any type of insurance. We strongly encourage our advisor partners to allow us to work on obtaining the best rate classes for their clients, including reviewing in-force impaired risk cases to obtain better offers.

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